Nextrom Demonstrating the Draw Tower

The Fiber Optics Day event took place at the Nextrom plant in Finland on May 22nd and 23rd. This was the third time this event had been held. The event was a great success and was very well received by partners and customers from the optical fiber and fiber optic cable industry, bringing together over 100 guests from various different companies from around the world. This excellent turnout showed that interest in Nextrom is high in today’s market. The products and services that Nextrom has developed as a market leader in fiber optic technology attracted a high degree of interest from across the globe.

The two days covered a range of topics of interest concerning the latest developments in technology and manufacturing methods. Nextrom invited well-known specialists from the industry, such as Mr. Rob Wessels, Vice President for Engineering at CommScope; Mr. Reinhard Schmidt, Managing Director of OFS Fitel Deutschland GmbH; Mr. Pratik Shah, Application Development & Testing Manager at DSM Functional Materials; and Mr. Tatsuo Saitoh, General Manager of Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. (representing the Optical Transmission Media R&D Dept. of the company’s Optical Communications R&D Laboratories). Presentations were held on Bandwidth to the Cloud-FOC Developments for Data Centers and 4G manufacturing, challenges for the next generation of mini-cables, the superior properties of DeSloite Supercoatings, and on the latest trends and technological developments in the field of fiber optics.

Nextrom’s Product Managers & Sales Director also talked about Nextrom’s manufacturing capabilities and performance and its capacity to provide solutions in the fields of preform manufacture, fiber drawing, specialty fiber drawing, fiber UV-coating and fiber optic cable production, together with the company’s general future prospects as a supplier of production technology in the optical fiber & cable industry.

The event was completed by machine demonstrations at the Nextrom plant and enjoyable informal evening events. The first day finished with a cruise in sail-boats around the islands of the Helsinki archipelago. The event was brought to a close at Kulosaaren Casino, with a dinner during which guests had the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful local scenery overlooking the Gulf of Finland.